trip to Australia


How to enjoy your trip to Australia in full
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Australia is simply peculiar and filled with immense possibilities and it makes the experience like never had earlier. There are things that are likely to make an Aussie tour memorable and enjoying. The group tour and travel agencies in Kolkata arrange packages for tourist to that country. Leave the tourist tag and become a part […]
South Africa


How to Have Fun and Spend Smartly in South Africa
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Making purchases in South Africa has many smart options. There are lesser scopes from where you will be able to save from bulk purchases. Acquainted tour and travel agencies in Kolkata suggest that you make smart purchases while being in South Africa. Weekly spending plans might work better for you rather making plan for a […]
monsoon India travel


Monsoon destinations in India that makes us Pluviophiles
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People in India like to plan their tours during winter or autumn. Climate in these seasons bring out the required temperament for enjoying tours. But, there are other seasons too that can offer thrill which is the fundamental feature of travelling. Monsoon is such a season. Showers can bring out a different sensation in our […]


The must visit places on your educational tour to Australia
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When it comes to educational tour, Australia might be one of those rare places which will fill you with multidimensional know how while being refreshing at the same time. There are so many places in Australia you might like to visit whether you are from the technology sphere or that of art: RMIT, Melbourne: Royal […]