Company reserves the right to use Photographs / Video Clips of the guest taken on tour and/ or given by guest, for promotion of GTS’s Business without obtaining prior permission of the concerned guest. Such Photographs / Video Clips can be used on any media with due respect for emotions/sentiments of guests.

Shopping is one of the important activities of any tour and an experience in itself. All guest/s are hereby made aware that GTS neither recommends nor promote any specific shop or vendor for shopping purpose.

We understand that the guests are wise enough to decide themselves what to buy and where to buy. It is a sole discretion of the guest himself. Hence, GTS does not take any responsibility or liability in case of any cheating or misguiding by the shop owner.

Company would not be responsible for the client missing any of the sightseeing in any tour.

He/She must be fit himself/herself for any type of trekking, long distance walking or anything stressful.

Company would not be responsible for any injury happened to any guest during any tour.

We are going to follow all the travel & tourism rules and regulations provided by the Government.

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