MICE is a particular type of tourism in which small or large groups of people are brought together for a special purpose. They all form a part of business tourism. It is the fastest growing section of the International Tourism market. Centered around a well planned theme or agenda, MICE tourism is a Blend of Leisure and Business travelling, all at once!

MICE tourism strengthens the brand value and ‘employer-employee relation’ in a company. Hence adding to increased teamwork and blooming productivity.These type of tours are operated at a domestic as well as international level.



MICE tour is an increasingly popular sector of tourism these days and Griebs considers this sector as their prime one. This type of tourism often brings a large or a small group of people together for a common purpose. The purpose encompasses a lot actually – conferences, meetings, exhibitions, anything and everything that falls in between.

It is only true that this type of tourism is a little too sensitive to conduct as it comprises bringing a lot together with perfection. Then again at Griebs this is general standard; hence quality isn’t an issue while most of the times we value add to the planning through our industry experts’ pool. And be relaxed as the whole suggestion thing will be run down by you in totality ensuring that the whole thing falls in place in the smoothest possible manner there is.