Refund Policy

Epic Journeys

All services such as Airline seats / Hotel accommodation / ground transportation etc. for tours are pre-blocked. If Operator books a third party product or services on behalf of the customer, the Terms and Conditions and cancellation policy of such third party would be applicable in addition to the Operator Terms and Conditions. Any cancellation of tour / services has to be communicated in writing, clearly stating the reasons for cancellation or email us on

Cancellation by email will be valid only if given on abovementioned email address. Any other form of request for cancellation shall not be considered as request for cancellation.

For the purpose of this clause, cancellation can be due to any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, the reason of inability to participate due to any illness, death, court orders, non availability of travel documents and the like.

As per the Booking conditions, GTS is constrained to levy the aforesaid cancellation charges towards Air tickets, visa, charges by suppliers and the like.

In case of a Visa rejection being force majeure, the entire deposit amount shall be forfeited if the guest/s’ cancels the tour , as airline tickets ,hotel vouchers and the likes are required for the VISA purpose and are non refundable/ partially refundable.

Any such refund shall be payable to the guest after receipt of the refund from respective authorities considering above mentioned cancellation charges.

All refunds shall be given in Indian rupees only. KKH reserves the right to issue future tour discount letter to their valuable guest.

In case of cruises, 100% of the cruise cost paid will be forfeited in case of any cancellations, irrespective of the time of cancellation.

There is no refund payable for any unutilized or partially utilized services (e.g. Airline tickets, Meals, Entrance Fees, Optional Tour, Hotel, Sightseeing etc).

The refund for the foreign exchange component of the tour will be refunded in INR only and will be at the prevailing day’s rate of the exchanges.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Operator be liable to refund the non-refundable interest free deposit, whether the booking gets cancelled due to failure of customer to make payment as required or customer cancels the booking due to his inability to join the tour as per schedule or avail the services in whole or in part for what so ever reason including absence of valid documents, medical grounds or death.

The Customer understands and agrees that there shall be no refund if he does not utilize any service included in the Tour Cost or paid for, like meals, rooms, entry tickets, excursions etc.

No refund to be made for lost, mislaid or destroyed travel tickets or vouchers.

Operator reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, the quantum of refund payable, if any, in case of cancellation or amendment of a tour due to Force Majeure or Vis Major. In this respect, the Operator may take in to account cancellation policies of and charges levied by independent Contractors.

Irrespective of the currency of payment which was made to operator, the refund, if any shall be made only in Indian rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of refund as per applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Refunds, if any, shall be processed within a minimum period of 30 days of cancellation/termination.

Cancellation Charges: 1. Rs. 300 will be charged for online domestic tour cancellation for every person.

  1. Rs. 1,000 will be charged for online international tour cancellation for every person.
  2. Rs. 1,000 will be charged for offline domestic tour cancellation for every person.
  3. Rs. 2,000 will be charged for offline international tour cancellation for every person.
  4. Charges to be applied from booking fees on cancellation –
  • Up to 45 days : Booking fees 
  • 44 – 31 days : 60%
  • 30 – 11 days : 75%
  • After that or not Showing: 100%