Travel Insurance & Forex

What is Travel Insurance and why do you need it?

Just as health insurance protects you at the time of your ailments, travel insurance protects you and your belongings, wherever you are. You just need get registered under the coverage of travel insurance and voila! Feel free to roam all you want. You can even insure the cash you are taking with you.

How to get your Travel Insurance?

You can either get your insurance on your own or even better you can consult our subject matter experts for the same. They would help you to get your insurance along with your visa in the most apt method and their best practices are foolproof.

What is Forex?

Forex basically means Foreign Exchange, i.e., you would typically pay a certain amount as per your wish and would get the exact equable amount in terms of the foreign currency (country you are visiting). Forex services are offered by banks but often it is confusing so we recommend consulting our experts on the matter, who have proven industry experience.