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Monsoon destinations in India that makes us Pluviophiles

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People in India like to plan their tours during winter or autumn. Climate in these seasons bring out the required temperament for enjoying tours. But, there are other seasons too that can offer thrill which is the fundamental feature of travelling. Monsoon is such a season. Showers can bring out a different sensation in our mind, i.e. an uncanny romanticism. People who enjoy the clutter of rain would definitely consult tour and travel agency in Kolkata for packages to visit the places that are famous for heavy rainfall. Places like these are often seen to be crowded with tourists who are mainly rain-lovers. Here are a number of great monsoon tourist spots:


  • Cherrapunji:

    The location has already been known for the maximum amount of rainfall throughout the world. No wonder that it has become a fantasy for pluviophiles from all over the world. Not only the main area, but the surrounding areas invite attractions in the minds of rain-loving people. The climate there will make you use gumboots, raincoats and umbrellas as savor from the unprecedented raining, but who wants to miss out the thrill of incessant showers? Short trek to the Living Root Bridges is inescapable. Additionally, the organized trip to Mawlynnong is rejuvenating. Many honeymoon trip travel agencies suggest paying a visit to Shillong, a place known for its amazing climate and beautiful sceneries.

  • Hampi:

    The location is based in Karnataka near Hosapete. The place was the capital of the last Hindu empire in India in the 14th The city was famous for the wealthy state. Probably it was the richest city of India at that time. In 1565, the city was demolished by a coalition of Muslim sultanates, who has destroyed the numerous temples, farms and trading markets that were pride of this city. After that, the city remained in a state of ruins. The entire ruins are spread over 4100 hectares of area. Later, it was described as one of the most austere and grandiose city by UNESCO. Now the ruined city has become an ideal venue for offering educational tour packages. Whether it’s a thrill of wandering in the ruins or bouldering a terrain – special feelings are sure to rise in mind while visiting the city. The situation becomes more special when the visit is paid during monsoon. Spending a week there in rainy season would leave you with more grandeur feeling.


  • Varkala:

    The place is located in Kerala, a province in India known for intense downpour. Verkala is special in this regard where the thunderstorms during shower over Arabian Sea create grandeur spectacles. The hike in demand for making a tour to the place has made the tours and travel agencies in Kolkata arrange tour packages there. The red cliffs of the city have fall to tourist like and most of the resorts are lined along these cliffs. Best of the foods which bear signature of the location are available here. Additional attraction of the visit might be the Ayurvedic Spa retreats which are sure to rejuvenate mind and body.


  • Munnar:

    It is the hillock area in Kerala yet a favored location for group tours during monsoon. But the charm could be realized to perfect nature-lovers only. Rainy days in Munnar creates fog due to hilly climate. There are numerous tea gardens in the area that look greener being refreshed with rainfall. The leaves appear like landscapes or painting rose from soil mat. Aroma of spices and coffee may appear intriguing yet liked and loved by travel mongers.


  • Binsar:

    The place is one of the most unexplored tourist locations in India, based at Uttarakhand. The place is adjacent to Nainital and this probably caused the hinder. The raining at this area creates cozy experience for the watchers from the hideouts. When the day is freed from raining, sites of Himalayan peaks like Nandadevi, Chaukhamba, Nanda Kot or Panchachuli create austere feelings. Though desolated, the place is considered as one of the top spots for organizing honeymoon travel packages in India.