The must visit places on your educational tour to Australia

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When it comes to educational tour, Australia might be one of those rare places which will fill you with multidimensional know how while being refreshing at the same time. There are so many places in Australia you might like to visit whether you are from the technology sphere or that of art:

RMIT, Melbourne: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, formerly known as Working Men’s College is one of the leading universities in Australia. It was established as a college in the year 1887 and until in 1992 it became a university. The university hosts diverse departments to study under – The Technical Department, The Art Department, The Department of Media & Communication, to name a few. Also there is a medical laboratory in the university which you must visit if you are a medical student. The university currently stands at 16th place in Art & Design ranking. Another special attraction is the Library of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. RMIT have their branches in other cities and countries as well but this campus is one of best there is, hence worth a visit for any curious mind.

MCG : Melbourne Cricket Ground is a much adorned term in the universe of cricket. It was established in the year 1853 and currently the ground has a capacity of more than 100,000 seats. Some of the places worth visiting while you are in MCG are:

MCG Long Room, a wall on the Arena, MCG Library, Ron Casey Media Centre, Pons Ford Stands, the Skyline view from the terrace and the MCG Tapestry.

The place also houses portraits of cricket greats like Sir Donald Bradman and the Little Master. A must visit for any cricket lover out there.

Bond University Workshops: A decent place for any student visiting Australia on an educational tour, Bond University is one of the most famous Universities in Australia and the workshops here are a real takeaway. These include workshops on Literature, Technology, Science, Media & Communications and other fields of study as well.

Three Sisters and Echo Point: Echo Point is one of those places to catch glimpse of a gorgeous mountain view. One has to follow a trail from the Echo Point to reach here at the Three Sisters. It is a much spectacular rock formation amongst the Blue Mountains at New South Wales, Queensland, a true gush of beauty. The Three Mountains came to existence as a result of land erosion and are around 900 meters in height, each. One can expect to experience a phenomenal play of light throughout the whole day, along with the change in time which is reflected on the picturesque mountains itself.

Also one can have a rope-way ride from the Echo Point and it is a nice place for any geology student to learn a whole lot of stuff on their subject.

The Sydney Opera House is another spectacle which one can explore at one’s leisure and whilst doing some shopping. Also don’t just miss out on the mighty Wet & Wild.

So while keeping your knowledge lantern lit, breathe in some beauty while you are in the land of kangaroos.


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