Sydney Harbour Bridge

Australia & New Zealand

With 90% of Australia termed uninhabitable, it is one of those places which evoke the feel of ancient earth. Want a retreat to the lap of nature?Australia might just be the place for you.
New Zealand is known as the land of long white cloud for a reason.Guess why? But it doesn’t end there. It will perhaps be apt to say that if you are lookingfor a clean, serene vacation, New Zealand is just the place.



The largest continent on the face of mother earth, Asia is the land of diversity and rich cultural heritage. This place has got it all, the richest place you will ever visit.Looking for a kaleidoscopic vacation? Well, look no more.

Boulders Beach

South Africa

Believe it when you are said, this is the gem in the list. We are not biased.After a trip to Africa, your perspective of life would transcend. A beautiful place to be!Expect unexpected we say.

Statue of Liberty


Well, need we say more? From fabulous street food to catching a Broadway musical. America is the ultimate cosmopolitan extravaganza.

Lemaire Channel


Hands down, the coolest place on the list. Feel like being in the distant planet Pluto, away from the civilization in totality. Spectacular sights (unforgettable, we guarantee!). Exotic wild flora and fauna and just the most colourful and rare southern

london tower bridge


Home to bands like Pink Floyd and Beatles, Europe is THE place to be. Rich and suave culture, romance in the air, old cities with rich history and amazing food. Not to forget the world class soccer matches too.



In the midst of Indian Ocean guarded by Asia on the north, Africa on the west, Australia in the east, this place is often known as the mysterious secret heaven for tourists worldwide. A must visit for beach lovers and others alike!

Stanley Park


The land of maple leaf is an exciting place whether it comes to wild life,watching cowboys, or dilly dallying with fishing. It is the ultimate relax cocoon.