As we all know, the best vacation tour in the world is definitely to Europe. There is a large list of the places to be visited. Some names worth to be mentioned on the top like Tower of London, London Bridge, London Eye, West Minster Abbey, Madam Taussads, Buckimham Palace, Paul’s Cathedral and so on. In Paris we will visit the Eiffel Tower and the Disneyland. We will also visit the Black Forest, Zurich, Venice and Rome on our tour.
As mentioned in the name, it is a tour to explore so many things. In this tour we will visit the Royal palace of Copenhagen. Then we will start our cruises here. We will visit Oslo, Bergan, Geiranger, Ulvik Stockholm and many other beautiful sights and will fill ourselves with a load of memories
This trip is gonna be followed by Silicon Valley visit, San Francisco city tour, Los Angeles city tour and a trek at ”Crooked Street”. And then you will be experiencing the glory of the beaches at Las Vegas and Miami. Also some options for cruises are there.
We are gonna visit the Gandhi Square and the Nelson Mandela Square in Johanesburg. We will also visit the Sun City and Port Elizabeth along with Mossel Bay and Table Mountain. You will also enjoy the tour the Cape Town city.